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Japanese mini trucks are called Kei trucks in Japan, which is pronounced like the letter ” K “.  It means light weight or small in Japanese. This class of vehicles is very popular in Japan due to them being lightweight, economical to own, very easy to maneuver and having a rugged 4×4 design.


There are 4 manufactures of mini trucks in Japan, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, and Subaru. The most common question we are asked is “which truck is the best?”  The answer to that question is, there isn’t one. While each manufacturer may be unique to itself, every kei truck is built to the same strict automotive standards as their cars.

The major difference in kei trucks is from carbureted to Fuel Injected. Trucks manufactured before 1999 are going to be carbureted and those 1999 to current have Electronic Fuel Injection or EFI. The change to EFI engines also brought a body redesigned the increased height, length, and width of the new models.  Prior to 1999, the occupants were positioned directly above the wheels leaving little leg room. The redesign shifted the wheels to a forward wheel design, greatly increasing cab room.


Dollar for dollar nothing provides the same value as a mini truck. Engineered to go 300K KM’s, Kei trucks are the ultimate UTV as nothing else on the market is built to this level of quality.  Whatever it is your doing, you can do it better and more comfortably in a mini truck.