Japanese mini trucks are typically called Kei trucks, which is pronounced like the letter " K ".  It means light
weight or small in Japanese. This class of vehicles is very popular in Japan due to them being lightweight,
economical to own, very easy to maneuver and having a rugged 4x4 design.  
Japanese regulations require
strict maintenance on their vehicles. In addition, older vehicles must undergo extensive and costly
inspections, so it is customary for people to buy new vehicles after just a few years.
 This provides a
wonderful workhorse of a vehicle for you in the United States!
  •        Japanese mini trucks for non hi-way use only in the United States
  •        Principally constructed between the years of 1989-1996
  •        Engines are 550cc to 660cc, liquid cooled, 2, 3 or 4 cylinder gasoline, 40 MPG
  •        Four or five speed manual gear transmission, LOW/HIGH range
  •        4x4, 12" tires, aftermarket tires available
  •        Some with differential lock or axle lock
  •        Ten feet long, Five feet high and Four feet wide
  •        4' x 6' rear bed with folding sides, some available with dumps
  •        Bed capacity, ~ 880lbs
  •        Weight ~ 1800lbs
  •        Full instrumentation - electric, oil, temp, etc
  •        Heat, defrost, wipers and headlight all standard, some with A/C   
While Japanese "Kei" class trucks are by nature very similar there are some slight
differences between brands.

  •        Suzuki/Mitsubishi have slightly more ground clearance.
  •        Daihatsu/Honda have a slightly softer ride.
  •        Subaru is the only type with a rear mounted engine.
General Overview

Japan has been a leading manufacturer of fuel efficient, reliable vehicles since before
1970. The Japanese 4x4 mini truck are a logical extension of that technology, now
available to meet the growing challenges of the US market. The hauling capacity
combined with the 4x4 makes these a very inexpensive alternative to larger trucks or utility
vehicles. Combined with comfort, security and weather protection of the cabs, for people
and sensitive gear, these units fill the needs of many for a small investment. The uses for
this unique 4wd Japanese mini truck range from:

  •        Hunting, fishing or outdoor activities
  •        Golf courses, parks and zoos
  •        Campgrounds and Marinas
  •        Corporate and University campuses
  •        Manufacturing and maintenance yards
  •        Airports and hangers
  •        Farms of all types
These used Japanese mini trucks typically share the following specifications: